Guisborough Christian Fellowship has a history of mission. In the late '80s we established a 'sister' church in Whitby and had very close links for 10 years before Whitby Christian Fellowship became a flourishing independent church. Further afield, we established links with churches Guinea Bissau in 1992 and Cernavoda, Romania in 1994. More recently we have become part of the Tearfund connected church programme.

Our first involvement with Guinea Bissau was by providing them with a 4WD vehicle to get access to the furthermost parts of the country. More recently we provided them with a gift to build a mission building as well as support to complete the house for Pastor Paulo Mendez. We have also directly supported Paulo Mendez for about ten years. Ken and Susanne Underwood were the last to visit Guinea Bissau in February 2005. The Evangelical Church of Guinea Bissau is very mission orientated with outreach to nearby islands local villages. We also provided support to a UK missionary living in Guinea Bissau.

We initially got involved in Romania through the Children in Distress organisation. Through visits to the town of Cernavoda, we met Nelu and Nela, the Pastor of Cernavoda Baptist Church and his wife. We have continued to support the ministry of Nelu for about 12 years. The town of Cernavoda is impoverished, particularly after the construction work on the local powerstation was completed. Nelu and Nela have been involved in local community support to the young and old of Cernavoda and have a heart for mission to outlying areas. 

We support two Tearfund connected church projects. These are the self help project in Ethiopia and the Church volunteers project in Mozambique.  We also support The Potter’s Village, which is a child crisis centre in Kisoro, South West Uganda.


Frances Quantrill Award for Excellence

The Caedman School, Whitby, at which Frances was a pupil when she sadly died in January 2016, has established a yearly award in memory of Frances.  Frances excelled in almost everything she did, academically and musically; as well as loving the outdoors and nature.  Yet it is her character that people remember most, she was quiet, unassuming, respectful and kind, with an insight and maturity beyond her years.

The Frances Quantrill Award for Excellence, is not an academic award, but one that acknowledges other qualities that the school and the Quantrill family, wish to encourage.  Qualities of kindness, respect, commitment, dedication and integrity, so it will be open to pupils of all abilities.

The award is given each January to a Year 10 pupil, and comprise of a Certificate, and with our contribution, a £20 voucher.  As a fellowship, we provide a sum of money that will enable the school to give this award for some years to come.